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Solar Cell Faq

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Dr. Honsberg’s research is focused on ultra-high efficiency solar cells. Her interests include the development of three-level systems, which allow a range on new semiconductor devices including new approaches to LEDs and photodetectors. Her interest in fundamental advances and theory coupled with attention to detail in the analysis of devices led to her early involvement in advanced concept solar cells, and has led to several significant contributions in the development of this field. In addition, her interest in new theory and materials also led to involvement in the InGaN material system, a promising new material in which her research group has demonstrated the first InGaN solar cells. Dr. Honsberg provides effective and motivational classroom lectures, leads the development of new courses, enhances the contributions to design of new engineering curricula, and advances the practice of teaching by adapting new tools or pedagogical approaches to engineering.

If you are interested in participating in the Solar Power Program or in the IGERT program at the University of Delaware, please contact Dr. Honsberg.

Christiana Honsberg
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716
office: 302-831-0366